Hey Charles, thanks for taking the time and responding to my comment!

I think “Maintain consistent native folder structure” is maybe an unrealistic demand because as the ecosystem grows they may have to make drastic changes to the structure. A lot of times the big changes they made in the past has reduced complexity, so I’m thankful for that.

However, these two would be great:

  • Clear change notes targeted at Expokit devs
  • Upgrade instructions detailing the pain points

But I think most importantly, a real-world example of a repo that shows the changes required to take an app from one version to the next. I think this would be the most helpful because then the community can contribute on what issues they ran into and how they resolved it.

As an example, when upgrading from Expo 23 to 24, the behavior of tapping the app icon had been changed. Previously it would just bring the app to forward, whereas after 24 it would restart the app. I’m guessing other ExpoKit users may have run into the same problem, and maybe if there was an example repo showing this upgrade, we could see what step fixes that, or other developers could chime in on if they ran into this specific issue and if they found a solution for it.

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